Parasailing is an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE business to operate. Occasionally someone will ask why it is so expensive for a ticket. Well, the honest answer is that after insurance, fuel, boat costs, advertising and dockage / slip fees we don’t have much left to pay ourselves. We need you to call for exact rates every season because costs change and we try hard to be affordable, but for your consideration and budgeting, it is usually around $100 per person. We try to offer group packages when we can. Yes it is expensive, but we have top safety equipment, top captains and crew! We still feel that Parasailing is WELL WORTH the price and will always be the thrill of your vacation that you will NEVER forget! Ask yourself, if you found a Parasail company offering ” bargain ” prices…what have they skipped this season to allow such rates? Go with a top company instead, fly Provincetown and do it right.

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