Super High Rides Available


We always offer our standard 600 foot flight, but maybe you want to go higher than most other parasail locations worldwide? We also have a 900 foot flight, or the”SKYSCRAPER” ride ….The Skyscraper is the highest parasail flight available anywhere and most places do not have the equipment to offer it, WE DO!  Any ride can be upgraded to include the “Splash Down” option – (You get dunked over and over and we laugh at you from the comfort of the boat )…..just ask your captain about it, we are happy to deliver.

Experience, experience and more experience

PTOWNchuteLAUNCHCaptain Scott holds a 500 Ton U.S.Coast Guard Master’s License and has been operating passenger vessels since 1999. He has carried over 25,000 people aboard his vessels, written several maritime publications, and piloted boats in nearly every port from Corpus Christi, TX to Boston, MA.

Our General Manager Mike Tarantino has been operating parasail locations for fourteen years. He has experienced every aspect of this industry. Mike has been a mate, captain, manager and an owner of parasail operations from the island of Saint Thomas, to the waters of New Hampshire and many places in between.

We GUARANTEE your child will have fun!

KIDSfullSIZEparasail2013Kids can fly up to three at a time on our triple harness. If they have been acting up on this vacation, just say the word parents … and we will dunk them in the ocean again and again for your amusement!!!

Parasailing is not just for kids. We can fly people of all ages. Everyone enjoys the thrill of flying, and seeing P-Town from the air is a MUST DO on your vacation. We encourage everyone, young or old to strap in and get a new view for a while.

Our handicapped accessibility policy is simple, if we can, we will. Our customer policy is also simple, we will guarantee you a good time and do everything we can to ensure you have an amazing experience.