Provincetown Parasail Boat

50 MPH adventure! The ride on board " Jeanie " is reason enough to leave the dock with us. She is a 30 foot Nordic Parascender powered by a 496 Mercruiser that makes around 440 horsepower! Jeanie is wicked awesome!

MacMillan Wharf, Provincetown MA on the commercial fishing docks

Photo - Matt Suess


While you are flying, look for whales!!! We also sometimes see Mola Mola Ocean Sunfish, Porpoise, and Sea Turtles...

WANT TO GET DUNKED??? We can do that!

Triple FLIGHTS!!!

It is true, we fly triples

OPENING JULY 1st 2015 !!!

We GUARANTEE your child will have fun!

Kids can fly up to three at a time on our triple harness. If they have been acting up on this vacation, just say the word parents ... and we will dunk them in the ocean again and again for your amusement!!! Parasailing is not just for kids. We can fly people of all ages. Everyone enjoys the thrill of flying, and seeing P-Town from the air is a MUST DO on your vacation.

Experience, experience and more experience

Captain Scott holds a 500 Ton U.S.Coast Guard Master's License and has been operating passenger vessels since 1999. He has carried over 25,000 people aboard his vessels, written several maritime publications, and piloted boats in nearly every port from Corpus Christi, TX to Boston, MA.

Captain Scott's BOOK - get one today!

Get a signed copy at our location, or you may purchase a copy at the following link. A great book for anyone who loves the ocean. A perfect gift too. 8 TRUE STORIES from Captain Scott's personal journals spanning 14 years of working on the water. PLUS, 3 new BONUS chapters just added in 2013.


SUPER HIGH RIDES AVAILABLE!!!! Unbelievable views of Cape Cod, the Bay and Ocean - Possible Whale, Dolphin, Basking Shark and Sea Turtle Sightings - The higher you go, the farther you see! PRICES PER PERSON: 600' flight $89,
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